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Application materials

After finding a scholarship competition that you would like to apply for, you need to study the terms of the competition carefully so as to establish whether or not your qualifications, education and experience fit the candidate profile.

If the competition announcement is not clear enough, you will need to contact the administration center personally and check if you qualify as a candidate for that particular scholarship.

Only after establishing that you fit all the necessary criteria should you begin to prepare your application and collect the application documents.

The list of the application documents that you need to fill out and/or collect is stated in the competition announcement or the application form. Most often it includes the following:

  • Application form
  • Letter of motivation (personal essay, statement of purpose, etc.)
  • Academic essay
  • Educational documents
  • Curriculum vitae (CV, resume)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • Some of the forms you will have to fill out (application form), some you will have to collect (educational documents), some you will have to write yourself in line with specific instructions or formats (CV, statement of purpose, academic essay etc.), and some of them will have to be written by other people for you (letters of recommendation).

    Useful advice

    • After collecting and filling out all the necessary application documents, make a copy of your application and the competition announcement for your personal files.



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