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Whether you are planning to enroll in an educational program, looking for a job or work experience abroad, it is very important that you present your skills and abilities in a clear and structured manner.

Europass can help you to:

  • Present your skills and qualifications in a way that is easily comparable and recognizable in all of Europe
  • Enroll in more easily a mobility program in Europe

Europass consists of five documents:

  • Europass curriculum vitae (CV) and Europass Language Passport, which you have to write or fill out yourself
  • Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Diploma Supplement and Europass Mobility, which are issued by relevant institutions

Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV)

If you want to use the Europass, you may begin by filling out the Europass CV. It can help you emphasize your skills and abilities, but it can also be paired with other Europass documents. The Europass CV has now replaced the EU CV, created in 2002.

The Europass CV can be used in two ways. By following these directions and samples, you can fill out the on-line form and have the actual document sent to you electronically afterwards. You can also download the empty set of documents (form, instructions and the cover page) to your computer and use them afterwards.

Here you can download:

Europass Language Passport

Europass Language Passport enables you to describe your knowledge of foreign languages, which is extremely important for your education and work in the EU area.

This document can also be used in two ways – it can be filled out on-line by following directions and examples and then have it sent to you electronically, or the empty form, instructions, examples and the cover page can be downloaded and used afterwards.

Here you can download:

Europass Certificate Supplement

This document is issued for people who already have a certificate of vocation/degree; it provides additional information which clarifies the original certificate, which can be particularly useful for employers and institutions beyond the country of issuance.

The Europass Certificate Supplement is issued by authorized institutions. The ECS cannot replace the original certificate, nor is it part of a system guaranteeing automatic recognition.

Here you can download:

Europass Diploma Supplement

The Europass Diploma Supplement is issued for people who have earned their degree at a higher education institution as an addition to their diploma. The aim of the EDS is to provide additional information about their qualifications, especially in countries beyond that of the original diploma issuance.

The EDS cannot replace the original diploma, nor is it part of a system guaranteeing automatic recognition.

Here you can download:

Europass Mobility

The Europass Mobility is a document used when organizing an educational or training stay abroad. The stay abroad can include: a period of work, student exchange, volunteering in a non-profit organization etc.

This document is filled out by both institutions that are part of the program.

Here you can download:

Taken from: http://europass.cedefop.eu.int.

The web page is multi-lingual (English, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Greek and Spanish), which means that most of the afore-mentioned materials are available in several different languages.



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