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Chevening Scholarships

Deadline: 03.04.2011.

Scholarship administrator: British Council
Level: postgraduate
Field of study: Social Sciences, Humanities
Place of study: United Kingdom



The Chevening Scholarship Programme is a prestigious awards scheme that funds international postgraduate students who want to study in the UK. It is funded by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and administered by the British Council.

These scholarships are available in more than 150 countries. So far, more than 300 Croatian citizens have received their Chevening awards.

Deadline for submitting the applications is 3 April 2011.

Chevening scholarships are targeted towards a broad range of fields and disciplines that may vary slightly as priority areas are subject to revision each year. This year’s priority areas are as follows:

  • Politics, International Relations, EU Studies
  • Public Administration
  • Banking, Finance and Economics
  • Business and Management
  • Law, Justice, Home Affairs
  • Environment, Climate Change
  • Journalism

We are offering scholarships for postgraduate courses running over a period not shorter than 3 months and up to maximum of 12-15 months for Master’s degrees in the academic year 2011 – 2012.

The scholarship funds the following:

  • a gratis student visa
  • all your academic fees (maximum £12.000 for studies at business schools)
  • a monthly allowance to cover living expenses, including accommodation
  • an arrival and departure allowance to help with travel
  • a book allowance
  • travel costs to and from the UK.

You must indicate which courses and institutions you wish to study in. You are strongly advised to apply to those institutions as soon as possible and not wait for the outcome of the scholarship application. Popular courses fill quickly. The selection panel will welcome evidence that you have looked for information on the courses available and can discuss your preferences. For more information on courses and institutions, please visit EducationUK

The Chevening scholarships are very competitive. A typical successful applicant should:

  • be a graduate with proven academic record, preferably with work experience in the chosen field of study;
  • be committed to return to Croatia and contribute to the socio-economic development and/or political development by implementing new skills and knowledge acquired in the UK;
  • be able to show interest in good governance, the political, diplomatic and commercial interests of Croatia;
  • be able to show that he/she possesses personal qualities and will benefit from the scholarship thus succeeding in their chosen career;
  • have a clear idea of how their acquired knowledge will benefit Croatia upon their return and show that they have the ability to rise to senior and influential positions in public and private sectors;
  • have excellent English language skills (Most UK Higher Education Institutions require a minimum IELTS of 6.5 for admission onto postgraduate courses). For more information regarding the IELTS test, please visit here (http://www.britishcouncil.org/croatia-exams-ielts.htm)  
  • be Croatian nationals with permanent residence in Croatia.


  • Applications will ONLY be accepted via the online application system.
  • Applicants without an IELTS score should input n/a or TBC (To be confirmed) in the application form;
  • The English language test results are not required at the application stage. IELTS test will be required only for the candidates recommended for the scholarship after the interview, in which case the cost of the exam will be covered by the Chevening programme.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview in late April or early May 2011. Dates to be confirmed.

Note: All additional documents and references including transcript of grades and a copy of the diploma (translated and verified by a court interpreter), and 2 original references (either in English or in Croatian, accompanied by a translation by a court interpreter) will be requested from candidates who are successful after the first selection stage. Therefore, please do not submit any supporting documentation during the application period.

We are committed to a Policy of Equal Opportunities. All applications will be evaluated solely on the basis of the selection criteria as listed on the website.

For more information on Chevening please visit:



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