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Oxford Colleges Hospitality Scheme

Deadline: 04.11.2005.

Scholarship administrator: Institut za razvoj obrazovanja
Level: postdoctoral, short course, professional visit
Field of study: not defined
Place of study: United Kingdom


1 APRIL 2006 TO 31 MARCH 2007

Oxford University colleges, which are autonomous bodies within the University of Oxford, offer short-term hospitality to scholars from Central and East Europe and the former Soviet Union who wish to work in Oxford libraries or consult Oxford specialists in their subject. About 50 places are available each year.

Guests who are invited to Oxford stay for one month, mostly during the Long Vacation (July, August or September), although there are opportunities to visit throughout the year. They receive free single board and lodging in one of the colleges. They become members of the Senior Common Rooms of their colleges, which gives them the opportunity to meet and speak to many Oxford academics. The British Council provides a grant for personal expenses (currently £105); the Open Society Institute provides £110 for books and photocopying; and the local Open Society Foundation may pay the costs of travel to and from England.

Scholars will normally be of post-doctoral or equivalent status, over the age of 26, and will be university teachers or members of research institutes. Scholars must have a good knowledge of spoken English. Preference will be given to those completing work for an advanced academic degree or working on a specific project (e.g. a book or course of lectures). The subject of research may fall within any field studied at the University of Oxford. Scholars who have not been in the West before, or have not been there recently are given priority. Those who will have spent two months or more of academically related time in the West within the period 1 April 2004 and the start of their visit are not eligible.

It is advisable for applicants to find out as much as possible about Oxford University and the resources available to assist with their research. This could be done by using the Oxford University website (http://www.ox.ac.uk) or by contacting the scholarship administrator, SIC-Student Information Centre, Preradovićeva 33/I, Zagreb (Tel: 01-4817-195; E-mail tfarnell@sic.hr).

Special application forms can be downloaded from the web site of SIC-Student Information Centre (http://www.sic.hr). They should be returned, with supporting material and two references, to the SIC-Student Information Centre in Zagreb (at the address above) by 4 November 2005.

All applications will undergo an initial assessment in the home country by local academics and representatives of the Open Society Foundation and normally also the British Council. Applications that are successful at this stage will then be forwarded to Oxford, for further assessment by specialists within the University.

Shortlisted candidates may be asked to attend an informal interview with a representative of the British Council. Successful candidates will receive a letter of invitation from a college. Those scholars who will be invited in April or May 2006 will normally hear from the college by the end of February 2006; invitations for the rest of the scholarship period will normally be sent by the end of April. In exceptional circumstances some decisions may be delayed. The scholar invited should apply for a British visa (if one is necessary) as soon as possible after receiving the invitation.



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