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Summer school in Sustainable management and promotion of teritory communication

Deadline: 29.07.2011.

Scholarship administrator: University of Perugia
Level: short course
Field of study: Engineering, Biotechnical Sciences, Social Sciences
Place of study: Italy




The organization of Summer School in Sustainable Management and Promotion of Territory ( SS-SMPT)invite the people interested at the participation, to present not later than Friday 29 of July 2011 , at the Director of the SS-SMPT Prof. Adriano Ciani trough the email: ciani@unipg.it,  the own pre-candidacy filling the FORM 1- PRE-CALL REGISTRATION (Annexed 1)

The activities of the SS-MPT will be managed following the Annexed Program (Annexed 2)


The activity will be arranged at the Agricultural Citadel- Agricultural College “A. Ciuffelli” in Todi (IT) located in the center of Umbria Region know around the world as the Green Heart of Italy. See the Google Map(Annexed 3)


The candidates could be any citizen, not more older than 45 years, from all country of the World that have these following requirements:
a-study certificate

  • PhD Graduates
  • PhD Students
  • Master Degree
  • Degree of 5 year or 3+2/4+1 following the Bologna Chart
  • Students at the last year of Degree of 5th year
  • Degree of 3 years but inscribed at the Professional Register
  • High School Diploma but inscribed at the Professional Register
  • Professional from more one year at the National or Local Government involved in the field of Sustainable Management and Promotion of Territory


the SS-SMPT it will be arranged in English Language (with the Italian entry-output translation)and for that the favorites candidates must be English Speakers.

c-fields of study certificate

The preferable fields of the study certificate of the candidates are the following:

  • Agriculture(all fields and sectors);
  • Territory and Land Management(all fields and sectors);
  • Applied Economics (Management, Planning, Monitoring, Policy Choices ,Policy Making, Marketing
  • Territorial Marketing, Tourism Economics);
  • Computer Science , Software Engineering, Web Design, etc. (GIS, DSS, CAD, etc .)
  • Environmental Economics and Environmental Management;
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Sociology and Rural Sociology
  • Science of Communication


The Organization can provide the room inside at the Agricultural Citadel or in an Agro-tourism or Hotel or B&B in Todi or near surrounding. The Organization will provide also the meals services, class room, didactical materials and the transportation and meals for the final visit tour.
The organization will arrange all supports at the participants from Todi -Terminal Bus or train station or from Perugia Airport and go- back to the each own site chosen for the accommodation during the Summer School.


The tuition fee including the meals services at the Agricultural Citadel for each participant will be 400 EURO . For the participants that will choice also the sleeping room at the Agricultural Citadel the Full Board Total Cost will be 550 EURO from 4th to 11th September 2011.
For who will choice, in alternative, for the sleeping room the Agro-tourism, Hotel or B&B the tuition fee remain the same 400 EURO.
For the accompanying person the cost for the sleeping room and meals at the Agricultural Citadel will be 300 EURO. The Accompanying Person -AP with this total amount has right to participate at the final visit tour. For these AP that don’t be guest at the Agricultural Citadel the Tuition Fee to participate at the extra-time didactical activities, including the final visit tour, will be 100 EURO.
The payment of the total amount must be delivered at the Banking Accounting that will be communicate with the Final Registration Call. Each one that will send apply for the pre- registration will receive this communication not later than 1th August 2011 .The deadline for the payment must be not later than 31 August 2011.


The travel cost from the home to Todi and go-back will be in charge of each participant.


The organization will take in consideration the opportunity to offer not more than 8 fellowships concerning the total amount of tuition fee.

The participants that would like to take the opportunity of the fellowship must send, joint with the Pre –Registration Form, a short Curriculum Vitae (no more than one page) and a letter of motivation concerning the application at the Summer School.

The awarding of fellowship will take place on the basis of the degree grade o average mark of student career, the contents of the letter of motivation , the country of origin. With the same conditions will be preferred candidates from developing countries or from pre-candidate or candidate countries of U.E
The awarding of fellowship it’s irrevocable decision of the institutions that promote the Summer School.


The SS-SMPT it will be arranged for not more than 50 peoples. In taking into account of the special role in the organization of the Ex- Alumni of Agricultural College “A. Ciuffelli “ of Todi it will be possibility for this Institution to select not more ten people that should participate as “listeners “ with the symbolic payment of 100 EURO.


In consideration that the arrangement of the SS-SMPT it’s in the first year, for to avoid any risk, the Organization claim the Caution Rigth and Reserve about the final decision to start in 2011.
If , for the 29th July 2011 as deadline for the Pre-Call, we don’t receive minimum than 30 adhesions , the same Organization are in right don’t arrange, for this year, the SS-SMTP.
In any case all people that will apply for the Pre –Call Registration will receive the communication not later than 1 August 2011.
The Organization, in this case, have the right to transform, for this year, the activity of week SS in a day of Conference. In case that we will are forced to change the first target we will communicate the Conference Program not later than 1th August 2011.

Adriano CIANI
Full Prof. of Agricultural Economics and Farm Appraisal
Department of Agricultural Economics, Farm Appraisal and Agrofood Sciences -DSEEA
Agricultural Faculty, Perugia University
Email: ciani@unipg.it  
Web Site: www.adrianociani.it  



Programme (874 kb)
Annex 3 - Toddi map (764 kb)
Annex 1 - Pre-call registration form (31 kb)




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