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Selected competitions

Central European University - Stipendije za diplomske i poslijediplomske programe
Level: postgraduate, doctoral
Field of study: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities
Deadline: 01.02.2018.



New competitions

IT praksa u Frankfurtu
Deadline: 18.12.2017.

Stipendija za diplomski studij u Finskoj
Deadline: 10.01.2018.

University of Twente Scholarships
Deadline: 01.05.2018.

Clarendon Fund Scholarships at University of Oxford
Deadline: 08.01.2018.

Stipendija za dvogodišnji European Master of Science in Food Science, Technology and Business
Deadline: 01.03.2018.

Stipendija za Erasmus Mundus diplomski studij novinarstva
Deadline: 10.01.2018.

Stipendija za doktorski studij prava na Sveučilištu u Hamburgu
Deadline: 31.01.2018.

Stipendija za doktorski studij na Bond University u Australiji
Deadline: 31.03.2018.

Stipendija za preddiplomski studij na Belloit College u SAD-u
Deadline: 15.01.2018.

GoEuro European Scholarship Giveaway
Deadline: 31.01.2018.


There are currently 71 open competitions and 4545 archived!

The Institute for the Development of Education possesses no further information on the competitions published on this website. Enquiries concerning particular competitions should be directed to the contact institution stated in the competition.



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