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Stipendija za poslijediplomski iz komunikacijskog managementa

Rok za prijavu: 15.11.2005.

Kontakt institucija: British Council
Razina studija: diplomski studij
Područje studija: društvene znanosti
Mjesto studija: Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo


Strathclyde University

One year at Strathclyde University to study for a master’s degree in Communications Management.

We are currently inviting applications for a one-year course of study at Strathclyde University to study for a masters degree in Communication Management from January 2006. The course is co-sponsored by Vodafone Foundation Group.

Candidate profile: Candidates are expected to be graduates and professionals who would return to Croatia to become leaders in their fields. As a guideline, candidates should be between 23 and 35 years of age. We encourage applications from candidates who have already taken the first steps in their careers. The scholarships are for Croatian citizens.

About the course: The objective of the course is to provide students with a clear understanding of the issues that surround the communications industry and how they, as managers, can play an important role in shaping the development of their organisations and the policy agenda.

The Master of Communications Management degree comprises core classes, elective classes and a research project.

Core Classes
• Communications Environment and Technology and Market Interactions

• Financial Analysis and Modelling for the Communications Sector

• International Human Resource Management

• Principles and Practice of Communication Policy

• Strategic Business Planning in Communications

• Topics in Communications Management

Elective Classes
• Cross Cultural Management

• Customer-focused Management in Communication

• Ecommerce and its Impact

• International Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

• Risk and Project Management of Projects in Communications

• Telecommunications Law

•30,000 word project dissertation

More information can be found at:

What is covered by the scholarship:

The scholarship covers all university and college fees, travel to and from the UK, accomodation and basic living expenses for a single person.

Documents needed: completed application form, including personal statement, a copy of your diploma and a transcript of grades, two references (one academic and one professional).

Application details:
Please send two copies of this form and two copies of the other necessary documents to the
British Council
Ilica 12/I
10001 Zagreb

by 15 November 2005.

Please do NOT send your application form and documents direct to Strathclyde.



Prijavni obrazac / Application form (90 kb)




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