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Internship at European Radio, Nantes, France

Rok za prijavu: 31.01.2013.

Kontakt institucija: Euro Radio Nantes
Razina studija: nije definirano
Područje studija: društvene znanosti
Mjesto studija: Francuska


Internship at European Radio, Nantes, France


A unique professional training in European radio broadcasting from February 2013 Eur@dioNantes, a European Radio station based in Nantes and supported by the European Commission, has recently launched the selection process of its upcoming European team of interns. Eur@dioNantes is currently looking for high-level bilingual (in french) students in political science, journalism or European studies who are interested in European issues and who would like to get a formative experience in the world of New European Media. The internship will start on the 21th of February in Nantes and run up until the 12th of July 2013.

How it works

The Eur@dioNantes team is composed of several young journalists who come from all over Europe and are trained at the radio station in Nantes. They are coached by French professional journalists, who have had years of experience in journalism. For several months the journalists will learn how to create new ways of listening to European information. They will have to immerse themselves in the local environment in Nantes and compare what they see and hear to the wider framework of European news. The aim is to open new perspectives and consider the implications of what is happening on a cultural, economical, social or political level on a local, national and European scale.


We are looking for bilingual students (a high level of practice of french language is required) wishing to be involved in an internship to become professionals and that are open to Europe. They would alternately be journalists, moderators, news-anchors; and will work on three downbeats every day.

Even though several candidates may apply for the internship, only one applicant from each university is accepted for the same period. The acceptance of the student brings in the students from his class and his supervisor. The university supports the student to come in France. The other students from his class will also participate in the project from a distance as journalist correspondents. Thus the intern at Eur@dioNantes remains in contact with his supervisor and the students from his class. She/he will send them the topics to be treated every week to compare (with his/her country and city) the information treated in France. The student correspondents will treat the topics from their country and propose speakers to the intern, make reports, write articles… (The conditions of these assignments will be defined in advance with each supervising teacher).


The students get a monthly allowance of about 436,05 Euro. The internship usually last 6 months, but can last less or more according to universities and students’ possibilities.

Application process

The EuradioNantes team rotates every six months and is comprised of ten students without any age restriction. Application forms will be examined by the EuradioNantes team in order to evaluate candidates admissibility, taking into account candidates knowledge of French, both spoken and written, their skills and motivations and personal experiences. Candidates will have a telephone interview before the acceptance of their application form. Candidate selection will be done so in a balanced manner between each European Union member states. Successful candidates will be notified by post by the EuradioNantes team.


  • The application form is available in Word format or in PHD format (both are in French language).
  • The application files need to be returned to Eur@dioNantes.
  • The selection of the candidates will follow after a phone interview. The chosen candidates will be informed by mail the week after.
  • An internship convention between university and the Eur@dioNantes structure should be sent to us filled-out before the reception of the student.

For more information about the application process, click here.


Halle 6 / 42, rue de la Tour d’Auvergne
44200 Nantes – France
Laurence Aubron, manager of EuradioNantes
Mail : laurence.aubron@gmail.com
Tel : + 33(0)2 40 20 48 00



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