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Bogliasco Fellowships for Arts & Humanities 2013

Rok za prijavu: 15.04.2013.

Kontakt institucija: Bogliasco Foundation
Razina studija: program profesionalnog usavršavanja
Područje studija: humanističke znanosti, umjetničko područje
Mjesto studija: Italija


Bogliasco Fellowships for Arts & Humanities 2013


Deadline: Rolling, the closest one is 15 April 2013
Open to:
Artists and scholars of all nations who have made significant contributions to the arts and humanities
Fellowship: Living quarters (bedroom with private bath) and full board is covered



Bogliasco Fellowships are awarded, without regard to nationality, to qualified persons doing advanced creative work or scholarly research in the following disciplines: Archaeology, Architecture, Classics, Dance, Film/Video, History, Landscape Architecture, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theater, and Visual Arts. Applicants for Fellowships are expected to demonstrate significant achievement in their disciplines, commensurate with their age and experience. An approved project is presumed to lead to the completion of an artistic, literary, or scholarly work, followed by publication, performance, exhibition, or other public presentation.

Approximately 50 Bogliasco Fellowships are awarded each year. They are scheduled during the two semesters of the traditional academic year: from mid-September to the third week of December in fall-winter, and from mid-February to the third week of May in winter-spring. Fellowships usually have durations of one month. Bogliasco Fellows may be accompanied by spouses or spouse equivalent companions during their stay. Providing the crucial gifts of space, time, and freedom from the distractions of daily life, Bogliasco Fellowships also encourage international exchange and understanding among Fellows in a stimulating multicultural environment.


Located on the Italian Riviera in the small town of Bogliasco near Genoa, the Bogliasco Foundation’s Liguria Study Center offers residential fellowships for artists and scholars of all nations who have made significant contributions to the arts and humanities.

Accommodation&Financial arrangements

During their stay at the Study Center, Bogliasco Fellows and accompanying spouses/companions are provided with living quarters (bedroom with private bath) and full board. Fellows are assigned separate private studios. The cost of transportation to and from the Study Center is the responsibility of the Fellows, as are all other personal expenses incurred during the Fellowship period. Children cannot be accommodated at the Study Center. Pets are not allowed. Visits by friends, colleagues, or family members are not allowed, except by prior arrangement.

How to apply

Application deadlines are as follows: January 15 for the fall-winter semester beginning the following September, and April 15 for the winter-spring semester beginning the following February.Applications for Bogliasco Fellowships must be submitted online.

The following documents, which may be submitted in English, Italian, French, Spanish or German, will be required:

1. The completed application form.
2. Three letters of reference.
3. A short-form curriculum vitae, three pages in length.
4. A one-page description of the project that the applicant would pursue during her/his stay at the Liguria Study Center.
5. A sample of the applicant’s work that has been published, performed, exhibited, or otherwise publicly presented during the last five years.

The Bogliasco Foundation is a not-for-profit organization qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. If you would like more information about the Bogliasco Foundation and its commitment to the arts and humanities, please contact our New York office.


More information can be obtained from the leaflet or the official website.





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