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Clinician Scientist Fellowship, MRC London

Rok za prijavu: 09.04.2013.

Kontakt institucija: Medical Research Council
Razina studija: postdoktorski studij, program profesionalnog usavršavanja
Područje studija: biomedicina i zdravstvo
Mjesto studija: Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo


Clinician Scientist Fellowship, MRC London


Scholarship / Financial aid: personal salary costs+travel costs+capital equipment

Date: to four years

Deadline: 09 April 2013

Open to: qualified professionals who have gained a PhD/DPhil


The MRC’s Clinician Scientist Fellowships aim to develop outstanding medically and other clinically qualified professionals who have gained a PhD/DPhil to establish themselves as independent researchers. Applicants will demonstrate a rigorous and insightful approach to research, and the ability to relate their research to clinical medicine and to the improvement of health. They will have a clear sense of how they wish to develop their careers as clinicians and scientists and show the potential to become research and/or clinical leaders in the future. Applicants may submit research projects that fit anywhere within MRC’s remit, however, it is expected that applicants’ clinical work helps to inform and strengthen their research work.

The award

The MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship is a post-doctoral clinical fellowship providing up to four years' support. There is also a patient-oriented version of the scheme that provides up to five years' support, which is intended for research which requires up to 40 per cent of the fellow's time to be spent in clinical work. At least 50 per cent of this clinical work should be of direct relevance to the research project.

The MRC and the Academy of Medical Sciences Tenure-Track Clinician Scientist Fellowship is designed to support career development and promote recruitment into clinical academic medicine. The award provides up to five years' support. Applicants must demonstrate a tenure-track commitment from the host institution, and obtain an agreement to fund one year’s personal salary from the Regional Postgraduate Medical Dean. A mentor, provided by the academy, will be available to the fellow for the tenure of the award.

Who can apply?

The MRC clinician scientist and patient-oriented clinician scientist fellowships are open to hospital doctors, dentists, general practitioners, nurses, midwives and members of the allied health professions. Applicants may not have held a clinician scientist fellowship (from any organisation) previously. The MRC and Academy of Medical Sciences Tenure-track clinician scientist fellowship is open only to hospital doctors, dentists and general practitioners.
Medical or dental graduates should be of specialty registrar (StR) or consultant status or be at the equivalent level in general practice. Nurses, midwives and other allied health professionals must have completed their professional training.
All applicants must have obtained a PhD, DPhil or MD in a basic science or clinical research project, or expect to have done so by the time they take up the award. Applications from existing MRC fellows are particularly welcome.
There are no residence eligibility restrictions for these fellowships.
As part of the MRC’s equal opportunities policy, consideration will be given to applicants who are returning to science following a career break. There are no age limits for any of our schemes and all fellowships may be held part-time to fit in with domestic responsibilities.

What funding is provided?

The fellowships provide personal salary costs, together with research support staff, research consumables expenses, travel costs and capital equipment appropriate for the research project under full economic costs. The award also provides the opportunity for fellows to undertake research training outside the UK, for which overseas living costs are available.
The MRC clinician scientist fellowship also provides the opportunity to spend up to one year in an overseas research centre, a second UK research centre or UK industrial centre. The aim is to provide a concentrated period of training that could not be achieved as effectively within the academic host institution. We would normally expect this training component to be a single visit lasting up to 12 months. However, the assessment panel may agree to requests for visits to more than one centre, if this can be justified on the grounds of training needs. These should not be simply collaborative visits. You should be prepared at interview to discuss in detail any proposed period overseas or in industry.


Please find complete information on the official website.

Website: http://www.mrc.ac.uk/Fundingopportunities/Fellowships/Clinicianscientist/MRC001823#P46_6127
Email: doh@prologistics.co.uk





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