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12 stipendija za doktorski studij na Birkbeck School of Arts

Rok za prijavu: 15.02.2016.

Kontakt institucija: Birkbeck, University of London
Razina studija: poslijediplomski studij
Područje studija: društvene znanosti, humanističke znanosti, umjetničko područje
Mjesto studija: Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo


Stipendija je otvorena za sve kandidate koji dolaze iz UK, EU i međunarodne studente koji se prijavljuju na redovan poslijediplomski studij u School of Arts. Stipendija pokriva punu naknadu te još 16,057 funti godišnje.
Detaljnije informacije o stipendiji i prijavi pročitati u tekstu.

Birkbeck School of Arts will award up to 12 fully funded Birkbeck Postgraduate Research Scholarships beginning in 2016/17. The competition for these awards will be decided on the basis of academic merit, with the results announced in Spring 2016. Applications are welcomed from candidates wanting to conduct doctoral research in all areas of the following fields in the School of Arts:

  •  •Cultural Studies;
  •  •English and Humanities;
  •  •Theatre and Performance;
  •  •Creative Writing;
  •  •French and/or German Comparative Literature and Culture;
  •  •Media, Film and Television;
  •  •History of Art, Architecture, Photography and Museum Cultures;
  •  •Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Culture.

Birkbeck Postgraduate Research Scholarships are open to Home/EU and International students who are applying for a full-time M.Phil/PhD place within the School of Arts. Applications from Home/EU students for part-time study will also be considered (at an appropriate pro rata rate and extended duration).  Please note that in order to apply for funding you must also complete an M.Phil/PhD programme application within the School of Arts. Your programme application must be submitted either before (strongly encouraged) or at the same time as applying for funding.
The Birkbeck Postgraduate Research Scholarship awards will include a full fee waiver capped at the value of the full-time Home/EU rate for M.Phil/PhD degrees (currently GBR 4,052), in addition to an annual stipend set at Research Council rates (currently GBR 16,057; pro rata in the case of a part-time award). Scholarships will be tenable for up to three years (subject to satisfactory academic progress) for full-time students, and at an appropriate pro rata rate and extended duration for part-time students.
How to apply?
The deadline for applications is 15 February 2016. Please consult the general guidance on applying for an M.Phil/PhD place. Once you have applied for an M.Phil/PhD place, please download the School of Arts Postgraduate Funding application form. The completed form should be returned to SoAFA@bbk.ac.uk.
For more information please visit the official website.






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