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MTEC Scholarships for Public Administration

Rok za prijavu: 01.07.2007.

Kontakt institucija: University of Twente
Razina studija: diplomski studij
Područje studija: društvene znanosti
Mjesto studija: Nizozemska


MTEC Scholarships for Public Administration

What does an MTEC Scholarship consist of?
An MTEC scholarship covers tuition fee, study materials, housing, subsistence, insurance, visa costs, travel to and from the home country, a personal development programme (including effective leadership, change management, project planning) and a social programme (Introduction programme, excursions, and access to the unique campus facilities of the University of Twente).

Who may apply for an MTEC scholarship?
The MTEC scholarships are meant for students and civil servants of the aforementioned countries listed on the front page, who completed their BSc with flying colours and who satisfy the criteria for admission to the MSc Public Administration, University of Twente. Applicants should both be nationals of one of the participating countries and be resident in one of these countries. A selection procedure is part of the intake.

Prospective students need to have completed a bachelor degree in Public Administration or strongly related social sciences, live in the relevant states at the time of application, have an IELTS score of 6.5 average, and not be older than 35 years.

The MTEC scholarships are intended for promising students and also for workers in the field of Public Administration, that is, those who have completed their BSc and have already started their career in a relevant field of work. Professionals are required to acquire permission of their employer to study a year abroad and be issued with a guarantee that they can take up their position upon return.

Candidates should apply through the website of EVD/CROSS (www.cross-agency.nl ) and consecutively send their printed application form to the Royal Netherlands Embassy in their country. Applicants who want to be considered for an MTEC Scholarship have to go through the regular admission procedure of the University of Twente. Applicants, who have already been admitted to the MSc programme Public Administration of University of Twente, can directly apply for an MTEC scholarship by using the application form which is available at the website of EVD/CROSS.

Applications for admission for the academic year 2007/2008 should be sent before the 1st of July 2007.

More information
For more information about the MSc programme Public Administration, please visit pa.graduate.utwente.nl or contact the study information desk at master@utwente.nl  or telephone (+31) 53 489 5489. For more information about University of Twente, please visit www.utwente.nl/en . For more information about the MTEC scholarships, including conditions regarding application and the entitlements and obligations which are attached to the scholarships, and the application form, please visit: www.cross-agency.nl  or contact Mr. Diederik ter Haar by e-mail (crossonline@info.evd.nl ) or telephone (+31 70 778 81 39).

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