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PhD in Estonia for International Students

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Kontakt institucija: Estonian Government
Razina studija: poslijediplomski studij
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Mjesto studija: Estonija


PhD in Estonia for International Students


Deadline: vary from university to university
Open to:
residents of other countries than Estonia, with Master degree
Scholarship: the grant is worth an estimated 8000 € per year



The Estonian Government offers a number of scholarships intended for university students, researchers or lecturers for studying and doing research at Estonian public universities and institutions. Mostly scholarships are for master’s degree and doctoral degree, but some bachelor degree scholarships are also possible.

Most universities in Estonia propose scholarships for international degree programmes. It is possible to use other international scholarships (for example, Compatriots’ scholarships, Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, your government scholarships, funds, grants, companies, etc).

Doctoral Studies and Internationalisation Programme “DoRa” activities are intended for Master’s students, doctoral students and members of teaching staff who are already working or studying at Estonian higher education institutions, or are planning to do so. The eligibility period for the grants of the programme extends from 1 January 2008 to 31 May 2015.


Candidates must:

  • reside in a country other than the Republic of Estonia;
  • not have resided in Estonia for a total of more than one year
  • in the previous three years, unless they were studying for an MA degree in Estonia;
  • have less than four years of research experience (work experience starting from the day they received the academic degree permitting entry to doctoral studies);
  • start their doctoral studies at a participating Estonian university in the academic year specified in the grant application submitted by the university.

The selection from among the candidates will be made by the host university. Specific requirements depend on the requirements of the institution of higher education and the particular course.

Specific requirements may include an entrance examination or an interview. All prospective international students should contact the University they wish to attend for additional information.


  • a monthly grant of 384 € payable throughout the calendar year;
  • a fixed travel grant for one return trip every year from the student’s place of residence to Estonia;
  • a grant to cover the cost of health insurance for the period spent in Estonia and the stamp duty on the residence permit;
  • a mobility allowance of up to 3196 € per year that covers only the following costs, which must be fully documented:
  • additional fixed travel grant to cover travel costs resulting from the admission procedures, additional trips home during the academic year or the travel costs of family
  • members coming to Estonia;
  • rent, covering accommodation during admission, temporary accommodation in hostels and hotels, and rent;
  • relocation expenses, such as excess baggage charges or international cargo charges.

The grant is worth an estimated 8000 € per year (excluding travel grant).

For detailed information on eligibility requirements, deadlines and application, consult your university in Estonia.

How to apply

The following documents are usually required for an application:

  • a completed application form
  • certified copies of certificates/degrees qualifications showing eligibility for doctoral studies (applying for PhD scholarship)
  • an academic transcript or confirmation letter from the home institution (for visiting PhD students)
  • an academic transcript(s)
  • an academic CV
  • a statement of purpose
  • two or three photos
  • a copy of an identification document

Specific requirements depend on the requirements of the institution of higher education and the particular course.

You can review Estonian universities here.

The Scholarship Brochure

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