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University of Naples Federico II

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From epidemics phenomena, climate change and sustainable cities to seismic engineering and Industry 4.0, all the crucial challenges facing mankind today require the development of new methodological approaches to understand, model and engineer ever-growing reliable interdependent, complex and interconnected systems and infrastructures. This PhD program is aimed at ambitious young scientists and engineers who wish to work on these crucial challenging problems with a high impact in society in a new, strongly-interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial way.

The overarching goal of the program is to train a new generation of highly qualified researchers and professionals, who will be able to combine applied and theoretical expertise from a wide range of fields to develop and apply new methods to study and manage complex systems, to engineer resilient systems and to analyse and cope with risk and cascading effects. The curriculum of the Ph.D. program in “Modelling and Engineering Risk and Complexity” covers Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Science, providing the possibility of attending courses and seminars from world-renown experts on a variety of topics including:

  • complex systems, infrastructures and networks;
  • reliability theory for uncertainty modelling;
  • systems and control theory;
  • analysis and management of risks deriving from natural and anthropic phenomena on complex and interdependent systems;
  • mathematical modelling and simulation of complex systems and infrastructures;
  • data analysis and machine learning;
  • emerging properties and domino and cascade effects in complex and interdependent systems.

The emphasis of the entire research and education program  is on the integrated theoretical description and management of emergent complex systems and their risk analysis with potential applications in different areas by developing beyond the-state-of-the-art  rigorous mathematical, stochastic, computational and data-driven modelling methods, systems and control engineering and machine learning tools.

Application areas of interest include (but are not limited to) civil engineering, automation and control engineering, mathematical engineering, industrial product and process engineering, complex infrastructures and distribution networks, economics and finance, natural and man-made hazard analysis.


More info: http://www.ssm.unina.it/en/phd-scholarships-calls-and-procedures/





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