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Avans University of Applied Sciences

Avans University of Applied Sciences

Unlock your potential at Avans University of Applied Sciences

Avans is a nationally top-ranked university of applied sciences with English taught study programmes centering around international business, international finance, environmental science, engineering and arts. Avans is located in four cities in the south of the Netherlands: Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg and Roosendaal.

Studying at Avans is more than just obtaining your diploma. You will be studying at one of the leading universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Avans has been proclaimed the best large university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Avans offers a pleasant, ambitious environment with bright students and dedicated lecturers and staff. Our project-based teaching style helps you develop valuable skills, by working on real life cases derived from the professional field. You will gain international work experience during your studies, since you will explore the professional field via work placements abroad. This prepares you for a head start of your international career upon graduation.

Study programmes at Avans University of Applied Sciences

- Location: Breda

Through internationally oriented projects, training and courses, you will learn about subjects including sustainable energy techniques, bio-based waste management, biomimetics, clean-up technologies, cost-benefit analysis, environmental policy and law.

You manage the maintenance of large ships, sustainable energy generation, or machines in factories. Not just for technical companies, but also in the care sector and for the government. You do not carry out the maintenance, but you ensure that it takes place. And convince management that it is necessary.

You will acquire knowledge about finance, accounting and management. You will learn the necessary business skills, such as intercultural awareness and business communication.

You are an ambitious student with good analytical and numerical skills. You want to start a career in an international financial environment You will acquire broad knowledge of international management, marketing, organisations and finance.

- Location: ‘s-Hertogenbosch

You will become a global citizen with knowledge of foreign languages, cultures and international trade. You will develop your entrepreneurial skills and study marketing, communication, sales and financial management.

The Master of Animation is for emerging professionals committed to broadening their animation palette and responding to the opportunities of an expanding field. The programme relies upon, and thereby cultivates, an innovative attitude.

The Master of Fine Art is committed to empowering artists. With a focus on self-organisation and the exploration of alternative professional models, you will learn to take your practice apart and put it back together again.

Educational services

Avans offers a wide range of facilities, such as a student information desk, Xplora a modern multimedia and knowledge centre, computer rooms, laboratories, the Avans caf and restaurant, sports facilities and student unions.

Tuition fee

The annual tuition fee for EU-students is €2.083 for the academic year 2019/2020.


Students that wish to study at Avans and need additional funding, are dependent on external parties for scholarships. The Dutch Student Grantfinder is an online search engine, that provides information about scholarships for foreign students that want to study in the Netherlands.

Contact information

Avans University of Applied Sciences
Hogeschoollaan 1

4800 RA Breda

The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)8 525 8001







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