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Central European University

Central European University

We are CEU. And we invite you to join us.

Central European University (CEU), based in Vienna,  brings together students and faculty from some 100 countries to exchange ideas in an open and dynamic community in the heart of Europe. The university is accredited in the United States, Austria and Hungary, and offers English-language graduate degree programs in the social sciences, humanities, business, economics, law, environmental sciences and policy, network science and cognitive science. In addition to coursework at the Vienna campus, students may also take advantage of academic activities and resources available on our Budapest campus as well as program-specific exchange opportunities around the world. CEU’s mission is to prepare future leaders to build and support open and democratic societies that respect human rights and the rule of law. We believe that our mission is just as vital today as it was three decades ago. Distinctive for the integrated approach it brings to teaching, research and public service, CEU emphasizes interdisciplinary coursework and collaborative research to create new knowledge and tackle complex societal problems.

At CEU, our diverse student body is our most important asset. We nurture a student-oriented academic culture, drawing on the wealth of knowledge and perspectives that our multicultural, multinational community provides. An 8:1 student/faculty ratio ensures a dynamic environment for collaboration and debate. Our faculty work closely with every student to help develop their critical thinking skills and explore their individual research interests. CEU has earned global recognition for a range of social sciences, humanities and business programs. Our top-performing programs include political science and international relations, philosophy, history, business analytics and finance. Our work in emerging fields such as cognitive science and network and data science is also renowned internationally. We run three two-year Erasmus Mundus master’s programs in partnership with leading European institutions: in public policy; environmental sciences, policy and management; and gender studies.

Fund your studies

In pursuit of our mission, we strive to attract world-class graduate talents from all over the world. This is why we offer generous and accessible scholarships, available to students from any country. Learn more at

Nador u. 9, 1051 Budapest, Hungary


  • first hand experience:

“I graduated in 2015 from CEU History Department. This week I was invited to participate in the Alumni Impact Forum and I’m so excited about this event! It feels like I’ve never left this place. I consider Central European University my second home because everything I’ve learned here shaped me as a person. Volunteering is my way of giving back to the university and the CEU community. At our graduation ceremony, former CEU President and Rector John Shattuck said that with our courage we can change the world and I truly believe that CEU students are doing just that little by little every day!”— Lana Krvopic (HIST ‘15)



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