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European Faculty of Law, New University

European Faculty of Law, New University

Seat of Science and Wisdom for the Future

The European Faculty of Law is an independent and private higher education institution with two study locations -  Nova Gorica and Ljubljana.

Our success lies in student-friendly and innovative academic environment, where the combination of high-level theory and practice lays in foreground.

Lectures and seminars are held in small groups by top Slovenian lecturers and experts from the field of judiciary, diplomacy, attorneys, public administration and real estate sector.

We also offer excellent opportunities for research work and international mobility within Erasmus+ exchange programme.

The quality of our overall activities is confirmed by high employability of our graduates and their satisfaction with our study process.


Undergraduate study programmes:

    -  Law I

  - Law and Management of Infrastructure and Real Estate I

Master's study programmes:

     -  Law II

     -  Civil and Commercial Law

     -  Alternative Dispute Resolution

     -  Law and management of Real Estate II

Doctoral study programmes:

     -  Law III

     -  Law and management of Real Estate III

European Faculty of Law

Delpinova ulica 18/B

5000 Nova Gorica,


Tel.: +386 5 338 44 00

Fax: +386 5 338 44 01





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