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St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work

St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work

Signatory of Magna Charta Universitarum Bologniese, Member of EUA - European University Association, Member of SUSW – International Society of Universities in Social Work

St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work as a non-profit organization provides education, scientific research and practical activities for students of all three degrees of university education. In 2007, St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work has been accepted among sagnatories of the Bologna University Grand Charter, in 2011 as a full member of EUA – European Association of Universities and in September 2012 the University went through a new international evaluation.

The interest in full time and external studies is high and there is about 60 domestic and foreign Professors, 32 Associate professors, and 435 other teachers with PhD. degree taking care of our students.

Our University acts in 25 countries on 5 continents, where we manage over 102 humanitarian and development projects for the sick and the poor, focusing on health, education and social work in countries such as Kenya, South Sudan, Le Sotho, Rwanda, Uganda, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and others.

Study opportunities:

* Social Work                                                              * Laboratory Investigational Methods

* Physiotherapy                                                          * Dental Technology

* Missionary and Charity Work                                  * Public Health

* Urgent Health Care                                                  *Administration in Public Health

* Midwifery                                                                * Psychology

* Physiological and Clinical Nutrition                        * Radiological Technology

* Nursing                                                                    * Tropical Public Health

Study opportunities available at all levels: bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate’s degree.

For more detailed information about the study programs please see our brochure.

Contact us

Palackho 1

P.O. Box 104

810 01 Bratislava, Slovakia                                      


Rector’s office:                                                  


Phone: +421 2 577 80 612                                

Brochure (5277 kb)



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