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Tula state pedagogical University. L. N. Tolstoy

Tula state pedagogical University. L. N. Tolstoy

Tula state pedagogical University. L. N. Tolstoy

Tula state pedagogical University. L. N. Tolstoy is one of the leading pedagogical universities of higher education in Russia, as well as the leading educational institutions of higher education in the Tula region. Since July 1958 it has been named after Leo Tolstoy

In the structure of TSPU. L. N. Tolstoy 10 faculties, 29 departments, 6 research centers, 8 research laboratories and Lyceum.

Today, Tomsk state pedagogical University them. L. N. Tolstoy:

  • member of the Observatory of the Magna Charta of universities at the University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy);
  • member of the international Association of universities at UNESCO (IAU);
  • member of The international Association of teachers of Russian language and literature (MAPRYAL);
  • member (branch) of the International Academy of Sciences of pedagogical education (manpo);
  • member of the European Association of higher education institutions (EURASHE);
  • member of the Interstate Association of postgraduate education (- MAGNO);

Currently, TSPU L. N. Tolstoy at 10 faculties and 29 departments within 17 enlarged groups of specialties and directions of training 143 basic professional educational programs of higher education on which study more than 6000 students – citizens of the Russian Federation and the countries of the near and far abroad are realized. The University provides training on educational programs of higher education, implements basic General education programs (Lyceum at TSPU. L. N. (See Tolstoy), basic vocational training programs, additional vocational programs, and additional General education programs. Currently, Tomsk state pedagogical University L. N. Tolstoy is the only University in the region, leading the training of teachers for the higher education system of the Tula region.


  • mathematics, physics and computer science;
  • foreign language;
  • Russian Philology and documentation;
  • history and law;
  • psychologies;
  • technology and business;
  • arts, social Sciences and Humanities;
  • natural science;
  • physical culture;
  • international;
  • scientific center:
  • Center for development of joint educational programs;
  • Center for regional historical studies;
  • Center for Russian language and regional linguistic studies;
  • Center "Chemreaktivsnab";
  • Scientific and educational center of the Russian Academy of education at TSPU. L. N. Tolstoy;
  • Engineering center "Digital means of production";
  • research laboratories:
  • research laboratory "Design of evaluation system of educational process results";
  • veterinary research laboratory;
  • research laboratory of surface hardening and durability of structural materials;
  • educational and scientific laboratory "Chamber of antiquities";
  • research laboratory on sociology, cultural tourism and applied ethics;
  • scientific-research laboratory "Cognitive-cultural linguistics and discourse stylistics";
  • scientific laboratory "Innovative educational technologies";
  • research laboratory "Mathematical modeling of technical systems"

More information can be found on the University's official website.



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