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University of Nova Gorica

University of Nova Gorica

Prospective students are warmly invited to consider studying at one of our university programmes:

First degree programmes:

  • Environment
  • Engineering and Management
  • Physics and Astrophysics
  • Slovene Studies
  • Cultural History
  • Viticulture and Enology (undergraduate)
  • Digital Arts and Practices (undergraduate).

Second degree programmes(masters level):

  • Environment
  • Engineering and Management
  • Physics and Astrophysics
  • Slovene Studies (Linguistics and Literature Studies)
  • Media Arts and Practices
  • Pedagogical programme Slovene Studies.

Third degree programmes(doctoral level):

  • Humanities
  • Economics and Techniques for the Conservation of the Architectural and Environmental Heritage
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Karstology
  • Cognitive Science of Language
  • Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Physics

University of Nova Gorica offers contemporaryinterdisciplinary study programmes in the above fields.  Our facilities are modern, offering students wellequipped lecture halls and laboratories. Most of the courses are practically oriented, with small groups of students. This is a good opportunity for our students to develop their diverse interests and talents.

We also offer excellent opportunities for research work,, with numerous cooperation links with national and international institutions. Our key policy is to enable our students to obtain high-quality academic and vocational skills. The quality of our overall activities is evident from the fact that our students show a high level of satisfaction and that their employability is high.

The University  enables student athletes good and favorable conditions for their studying and training. We offer the status of the student athlete to sportsmen and sportswomen who have shown visible sports results.

The majority of our first and second degree programs are free of charge for full-time students.

The very location of Nova Gorica offers fine opportunities for an active and pleasant use of one's free time. We are located between the sea and mountains, on the very border between Slovenia and Italy. Hence there are plenty opportunities for excellent sports, cultural and entertainment pleasures of life.

Why would you choose University of Nova Gorica?

  • Contemporary, high quality programs  in small groups
  • Good employability
  • Excellent research possibilities
  • Excellent conditions for student athletes

Studies and sports hand in hand – Invitation to professional athletes to study at the University of Nova Gorica

At the University of Nova Gorica we are aware of the significance of a healthy and active lifestyle and of the needs of athletes to obtain quality education. Strict study regulations have have cut short the sports career of many a promising athlete. On the other hand, there are many athletes who manage to study and at the same time keep on with their sports careers, which helps them become mature and responsible individuals. In order to encourage athletes to take such a career path, we have decided to offer athletes a special scheme of studies, tailored to their needs and helping them manage both their sports careers and studies.

We are the first university in Slovenia to offer the status of athlete to all athletes who are registered as competitors and who actively take part in competitions. Acquiring the status of an athlete as defined by the National Olympic Committee is not a prerequisite for obtaining the status of athlete at UNG.

Studying in small groups, an excellent professor – student ratio, and opportunities for distance learning enable us flexibility in terms of offering athletes favourable conditions of studies and tailoring the studies to the athletes’ needs.

Studies are tailored to the specific needs of individual students–athletes. The modifications to a certain extent depend on the selected study programme (for instance, the amount of mandatory practical classes) as well as to the needs of an individual athlete.

The mild climate of Gorika region offers favourable conditions for training in winter as well, if compared to other parts of Slovenia, where outdoor sports activities may be difficult to carry out in winter. The excellent location of the town of Nova Gorica, near the hills and, on the other hand, the Adriatic coast, and the town’s quality infrastructure offer opportunities for practising various sports disciplines.

UNG closely cooperates with local sports clubs and associations and thus helps promote the importance of education in sports.

Are you a prospective student-athlete?

Check out our offer of study programmes

More information for athletes and representatives of sports clubs/associations:

Ms Veronika Piccinini


Tel.: +386 5 33 15 260 

Here are also some useful online brochures which might be useful for international students:


University of Nova Gorica
Student office
Vipavska 13, Rona Dolina
SI-5000 Nova Gorica
Phone: +386 5 331 52 34



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