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About the Fair


  • Population of 4 105 493 people
  • 10 universities (8 public and 2 private)
  • 15 polytechnics (11 public and 4 private)
  • 25 schools of professional higher education (3 public, 22 private)
  • a member of the Bologna Process
  • 159 430 students in the academic year 2017/2018
  • University of Zadar, University of Zagreb and University of Rijeka are three of five biggest universities in Croatia
  • University of Zadar has 25 university departments and around 6.000 students
  • University of Zagreb has more than 70.000 students, which is 50% of all the enrolled students in Croatia
  • University of Rijeka has over 15.000 students
  • Average TOEFL score in Croatia is 90, which puts us in the top 25 countries in the world


Institute for the Development of Education (IDE) is proud that the Higher Education and Scholarships Fair in 2019 took place in three cities - Zadar, Zagreb and Rijeka. 

The Higher Education and Scholarships Fair organized by the Institute for the Development of Education is a unique event of national importance which presents study programmes, scholarships, internships and other educational programmes and services available to Croatian citizens in Croatia and abroad.

It is a unique event that in will in 2020 take place at November 25th. More information will be announced later!

The Institute for the Development of Education (IDE) has organized the Fair every year since 2005 and the Fair is now widely recognized both in Croatia and Southeast Europe as a high-profile, not-for-profit educational event.

Higher Education and Scholarships Fair in an non-profit event. All funds remaining after the costs of the Fair are covered (from exhibitor fees, donations, sponsorships, advertising) are used to achieve the goals and conduct activities of the organization Institute for the Development of Education, in accordance with Articles 6 and 7 of the Articles of Association of IDE.


Since its launch, numerous international exhibitors have chosen the Fair every year as the best outreach mechanism to target students from Croatia and Southeast Europe. Every year at the Fair, educational programmes and financial aid options are presented by Croatian and international universities, state institutions, embassies and foreign cultural centers, private companies, foundations and non-profit organizations. The Fair’s visitors and target groups include high-school students, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, as well as young professionals searching for degree and non-degree programs and financial aid to pursue their academic and professional development. More information on exhibitor options and registrations are available here.

Target groups

The Fair is intended for all those interested in scholarships, internships and other forms of financial aid for study, especially high school students preparing for study, students at all levels of study and young professionals interested in achieving their educational goals in Croatia and abroad.

Video of the Higher Education and Scholarships Fair

View a short video on the Higher Education and Scholarships Fair from 2018: 

The following links lead to information on the results of all the Fairs held so far containing programmes, photos, reports, media clippings, etc.

Results and statistics 2019

The document contains an overview of the Higher Education and Scholarships Fair 2019 results presented through statistical data gathered from the exhibitors and visitors at the Fair and through the evaluation of specific Fair activities.

Results and statistics 2019 - Zadar

Results and statistics 2019 - Zagreb and Rijeka



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