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Birmingham University stipendijski program europskih studija

Rok za prijavu: 21.11.2005.

Kontakt institucija: British Council
Razina studija: kraći studijski program
Područje studija: društvene znanosti
Mjesto studija: Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo



Three-month Contemporary European Studies programme at the European Research Institute for civil servants or experts working on EU integration, including training in how to negotiate with the EU.

We are currently inviting applications for three-month courses of study at the European Research Institute (ERI) in Birmingham. It will begin in January 2007.

The courses are intended for experts and civil servants working in the field of European integration and include training in how to negotiate with the EU.

The European Research Institute (ERI) is the UK's foremost centre of expertise on Europe. Home for over fifty academic staff, the ERI provides an unparalleled source of high quality research and teaching as well as a European studies resource for government, business and the population in general.

The postgraduate certificate is an intensive programme that combines rigorous training in EU and European policies and institutions with a range of master classes, specialist seminars, visits and workshops. These will be complemented by a number of training sessions on subjects such as presentation skills, report writing and dealing with the media, which have been created specifically for officials working in or with EU institutions.

The Programme comprises of six elements:

  • Taught Masters level courses on the political, economic, legal and social dimensions of European integration. These will provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the policies, institutions, structures and functioning of the European Union, taking explicit account of the potential impacts of future enlargements.
  • A series of workshops, master classes and professional training courses. These include sessions with experts on Britain and Europe. Discussions about the progress of the convention on the Future of Europe with a member of the Presidium of the Convention, Gisela Stuart MP, and a master class on UK devolution. In addition, students will participate in training courses on EU negotiation, working with the media, presentation skills, and report writing and technological resources for use in European studies.
  • A weeklong study visit to key EU institutions. Between 9 and 15 March students will participate in a study trip to Brussels and Luxembourg. This will allow participants to observe at first hand the workings of the institutions of the EU and NATO.
  • Meetings and seminars at Whitehall departments and at the National Assembly of Wales in Cardiff. A number of one-day visits to Whitehall will allow students to learn first hand about the workings of the civil service and the way the UK is governed. They will also allow students to come into contact with officials with experience of dealing with the EU from inside the British administration. The visit to Cardiff will provide an insight into the dynamics of the UK devolution process.
  • Day placements in UK government organisations. These are designed to enable the students to gain "hands on" experience of the British civil service and will be relevant to individual students’ career interests.
  • Participation in the regular ERI seminar series and research activities.

For further details please visit  www.eri.bham.ac.uk/study/ces.htm  

What is covered by the scholarship:
The scholarship covers all university and college fees, travel to and from the UK, accommodation and basic living expenses for a single person.

Documents needed:

  • completed application form
  • a copy of your diploma and a transcript of grades
  • two references.

Application details:
Please send two copies of this application form and two copies of the other necessary documents to the

British Council
Ilica 12/I
10001 Zagreb

All applications must be received by 21 November 2005.



Prijavni obrazac/Application form (72 kb)




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