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Medical Research Council Post-doc Researcher, UK

Rok za prijavu: 23.05.2013.

Kontakt institucija: Medical Research Council
Razina studija: postdoktorski studij
Područje studija: biomedicina i zdravstvo
Mjesto studija: Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo


Medical Research Council Post-doc Researcher, UK


Deadline: 23 May 2013
Open to: outstanding post-doctoral researchers
competitive salary, research support staff, research consumables expenses, travel costs and capital equipment


The Medical Research Council career development award provides up to five years’ support for outstanding post-doctoral researchers who wish to consolidate their research skills and make the transition from post-doctoral research trainee to independent investigator. Applicants are expected to take advantage of the full five years’ funding available. It includes an option of 12 months research training outside the UK, in UK industry, or at another UK research centre, to enable fellows to acquire new transferable techniques and skills. The scheme also provides a jointly funded postdoctoral award in partnership with the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The fellowship provides a competitive salary, research support staff, research consumables expenses, travel costs and capital equipment appropriate for the research project under full economic costs. The award also provides funding for research training outside the UK. Higher requests for resources must be justified in terms of delivering the objectives of the research proposal.


Applicants should have a PhD or DPhil and have at least three years and no more than six years’ post-doctoral experience at the time of application deadline. Applications from existing MRC research fellows and post-doctoral researchers returning from overseas are particularly welcome. Applicants who hold a research-oriented MSc degree and have undertaken at least four years’ appropriate postgraduate research work – such as in medical statistics – may be considered.

Medically and other clinically qualified professionals who are clinically active should consider MRC’s Clinical Fellowships or Population Health Scientist Fellowship schemes.

As with all MRC fellowships, these awards are not available to individuals who hold a tenured academic position at the time of application. If you hold a tenured position, you may apply for funding under one of the MRC’s grant schemes.

There are no residence eligibility restrictions for this fellowship. As part of the MRC’s equal opportunities policy, consideration will be given to applicants who are returning to science following a career break. There are no age limits for any of their schemes and all fellowships may be held part-time to fit in with domestic responsibilities.


Applications are due by 4 p.m. 23 May 2013. Apply for the Career Development Award using the RCUK Je-S application system HERE. More information about the timeline can be found HERE.

Please carefully review the Fellowship Application Guidance document HERE for very detailed information about how to complete your application. Contact the organizers with your questions at GrantsMRC@ssc.rcuk.ac.uk  or by using the Contact page HERE.

See the original website HERE for further information.





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