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Selected competitions

Central European University - Stipendije za diplomske i poslijediplomske programe
Level: postgraduate, doctoral
Field of study: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities
Deadline: 10.01.2015.



New competitions

Stipendije Grada Makarske studentima deficitarnih zanimanja
Deadline: 25.11.2014.

Stipendije Grada Makarske studentima slabijeg imovinskog statusa
Deadline: 25.11.2014.

Stipendije Grada Makarske uspješnim studentima
Deadline: 25.11.2014.

Stipendije Grada Makarske studentima umjetničkih studija
Deadline: 25.11.2014.

Stipendije Grada Zadra
Deadline: 28.11.2014.

Doctoral Programmes at EUI
Deadline: 31.01.2015.

Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program 2014–2015 for Senior Researchers at SWP Berlin
Deadline: 14.12.2014.

New Europe College Fellowships
Deadline: 08.12.2014.

DLR – DAAD Research Fellowships
Deadline: 31.12.2014.

WMS Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at University of Warwick in UK
Deadline: 12.01.2015.


There are currently 42 open competitions and 3764 archived!

The Institute for the Development of Education possesses no further information on the competitions published on this website. Enquiries concerning particular competitions should be directed to the contact institution stated in the competition.



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