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How Can I Support Scholarships.info?

How Can I Support Scholarships.info?

For over seven years the portal Scholarships.info (Stipendije.info) has been helping exceptional and underprivileged students in Croatia to identify sources of financial support for their studies in Croatia and abroad.

The portal Scholarships.info accrues expenses in the amount of 1500 EUR (1980 USD) per year. For the past seven years the Institute for the Development of Education (IDE), a non-governmental and a non-profit organization, has been investing its own resources to develop the portal, identify and disseminate information on scholarship opportunities, create scholarship databases and provide application guidance. We hope that you will recognize the important role of the portal Scholarships.info in removing financial barriers to accessing higher education in Croatia and support us in our efforts to make higher education more available to Croatian students!

We will use your contributions for the regular maintenance of the portal, content upgrades (such as identifying and announcing calls for application, application guidance, publishing first-hand accounts on scholarship experiences and profiles of the scholarships awarding institutions) as well as to the technical maintenance and the lease of the portal’s web domain and server. Regardless of the amount, every contribution represents a valuable encouragement to our efforts in enhancing the quality of the portal and extending scholarship opportunities to exceptional or underprivileged students in Croatia.

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