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Undergraduate Exchange Program

Deadline: 01.12.2006.

Scholarship administrator: Institut za razvoj obrazovanja
Level: undergraduate
Field of study: Social Sciences, Humanities
Place of study: United States of America


Open Society Institute
Undergraduate Exchange Program 2007-2008

The Undergraduate Exchange Program (U.E.P.) supports students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Romania, and Serbia in the United States for one-year of non-degree academic studies. The program seeks to assist educational and civic development in Southeastern Europe and Mongolia by exposing participants to a liberal arts curriculum, different models of classroom instruction, community service work, and civil society related programming. The U.E.P. combines the U.S. liberal arts academic experience with exposure to American social issues and civic development through involvement in community service related work. The program aims to create lasting ties among participants and their American colleagues thereby contributing to cultural understanding and tolerance.

Participants attend a university or college in the United States for one year. While in the U.S., grantees agree to complete 25 hours a semester of community service work in an area of interest to them. At the end of the year, they are expected to return home to complete their degrees. Once back in their home country, grantees are expected to carry out a community service internship or service project.

Applicants must currently be enrolled as a second-year student at a university in their home country to be eligible. Participant selection and university placement is determined by a panel of experts in the United States. Candidates do not apply to a specific university.

In order to qualify for the program, an applicant must:

1. Be a resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Romania, or Serbia.
2. Be a current second-year undergraduate student studying American Studies, Art History, Classical Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Economic Theory, Fine or Performing Arts, History, International Relations, Journalism, Law, Literature and Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, or Women’s or Gender Studies.
3. Be enrolled in an accredited university in his or her home country.
4. Be in his or her second year when applying and have at least one year of study remaining at his or her home university when the applicant returns.
5. Have an outstanding academic record.
6. Have a history of community and/or extracurricular involvement.
7. Have spent previous two years in residence in home country.
8. Have not attended a university in the United States.
9. Have not attended high school in the United States for more than one academic semester.
10. Be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking English.
11. Be able to begin studies in the summer of 2007.

Selection is based on academic merit, extracurricular and community activities, leadership potential, and knowledge of English. Approximately five awards will be granted per country.

Participant selection is conducted in four stages. All applicants which meet the above criteria will have their applications reviewed and evaluated by a U.S.-based team of university representatives. Semi-finalists are invited for English language exams and an in-country interview conducted by U.S. education professionals. Applications, interview evaluations, and exam results are all considered by a final selection team, which will then recommend university placements for finalists. Final placements are determined by the U.S. universities. Students cannot determine their own university placements.

Financial Terms
Program participants receive a full scholarship that covers tuition, room, board, living stipend, textbooks, transportation, and health insurance. No financial support or special provisions are provided for dependents or family members.

Participant Responsibility
All participants must attend the pre-departure orientation program for one week in July 2007 (transportation, room, and board are paid for by the program), as well as conferences and other program activities throughout the academic year. The orientation and program conferences are academically rigorous, and fellows are expected to attend and complete assignments for all sessions. While in the United States, students must uphold the academic standards of the host institution and undertake full-time study for the duration of the program. Students are encouraged to take courses outside their field of study. No more than one language or two introductory level courses per semester will be allowed.

While in the U.S., grantees agree to complete 25 hours of community service related work per semester. The opportunity can be arranged with the help of the host university, and the type of work will be chosen by the student.

At the end of the year, participants are required to return home to complete their degree at their home universities. By accepting this award, participants agree not to enroll in a degree program at a university in the United States for one year upon completion of the exchange. Requests for visa renewals or extensions will not be considered. During their first year home, students are expected to complete a community service project or internship. The placement and terms thereof will be arranged by the grantee in coordination with the local OSI scholarships coordinator of the Soros National Foundation in the grantee’s home country.

Instructions for Applying

1. Read all instructions and information carefully before completing the application.
2. All forms in the application are to be completed in English and must be typewritten or hand printed neatly and clearly in black ink. You may also apply electronically at http://oas.soros.org/oas/.
3. Answer every question completely and carefully. Please use the space provided for your responses.
4. Attach additional documents to the application. These documents include an official copy of your university transcript, a certified English translation of your university transcript, two personal essays, two letters of recommendation, a copy of your passport picture page (if available), and a copy of your T.O.E.F.L. scores (if available).
5. Submit one original copy of the application and all supporting documents and one photocopy of the application and supporting documents (except for letters of recommendation) to the OSI scholarships administering office in Croatia: Institute for the Development of Education (address below).

All applications must reach the Institute for Development of Education at the above address by Friday 1 December 2006 at 5 pm.

For additional information on this scholarship program contact the official Open Society Institute scholarships administration center:

Institute for the Development of Education
Preradovićeva 33/I, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: (+385 1) 4817-195, 4555 151
E-mail: tfarnell@iro.hr  
Web: http://www.iro.hr
Contact person: Thomas Farnell



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