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Mediterranean PhD Short Course

Rok za prijavu: 17.09.2022.


From sustainable to regenerative and resilient design

Climate change and the crisis of natural ecosystems force us to completely rethink the approach to design The built space is one of the most responsible actors for the impoverishment of the biosphere. The damage perpetrated to the environment up to now has triggered degenerative models and processes, which require urgent interventions.

From this perspective, the project must no longer be simply sustainable for the future but capable of regenerating resources and ecosystems in order to keep social needs together with the integrity of nature In this context, the role played by civil, architectural and environmental engineers is of crucial importance to guarantee sustainable livelihood through protection of water resources, amelioration of soils, control of pollution, implementation of modern mobility systems, enhancement of the energy efficiency of buildings and planning of resilient cities.

In addition to attending lectures within the plenary and thematic sessions, PhD students will have the opportunity to be involved in complementary applied activities. Some PhD students will join working groups for the preparation of a 3 pages proposal draft to respond to an actual Horizon Europe call (activity A). Others will be selected (based on pre submitted abstracts) to give a 10-15 min presentation of their research activities and main findings in front of an evaluating committee (Activity B). Others will have the chance to participate to lab and field demonstration of equipment for monitoring of natural and built environment (Activity C). Awards are available for these three activities PhD students who wish to participate in these activities must indicate this in the application form, which can be downloaded from the website of the event.

This is the third edition of a series of PhD Schools that DICEA organizes annually in the framework of the project “Departments of Excellence”, funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

PhD Students in any field are invited to participate free of charge.

3rd edition Med PhD School
https://www.dicea.unina.it/mediterranean phd school 2022/





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