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AMFI International

Deadline: contstantly open

Scholarship administrator: AMFI International
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Place of study: Italy


AMFI Internatinal

AMFI is an organisation active in the development of international vocational training activities

We promote projects and activities of non-formal training in major European programs, in the belief that wealth of Europe is the cultural differences of the countries that compose it.

We encourage transnational mobility in vocational training as a tool for promoting intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between peoples.

We support young people in important decisions about their future acting as an observatory on the world of work and vocational training.

We cooperate with other organizations and training institutions in several fields.

We help Public Authorities and private institutions for the planning of events and vocational training activities and in general for the preparation of European programs.

In the framework of European Programmes like Leonardo da Vinci Mobilty, Erasmus Placement etc.. AMFI acts as a Receiving Organisation in Italy for European Students, Apprentices & young Graduates coming from all European Countries.

As a result of its extensive network of local partners, AMFI is able to provide a Complete Hosting Programme that includes the following services:

  • accommodation
  • placement training
  • linguistics
  • social, cultural and integration planning
  • tutoring
  • project assessment
  • final certification





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