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New competitions

Omišalj Municipality: Scholarships for School/Academic Year 2018/2019
Deadline: 02.11.2018.

Central European University (CEU), Hungary: Scholarships for 2019-2020
Deadline: 31.01.2019.

I Tatti Harvard Center: Wallace Fellowships
Deadline: 15.11.2018.

University of Hohenheim: WPA PhD Scholarships
Deadline: 31.10.2018.

Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney
Deadline: 10.11.2018.

HBOR Scholarships for IT students
Deadline: 31.10.2018.

Netherlands: LEaDing Postdoctoral Fellowships
Deadline: 31.10.2018.

Oxford: Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme 2019
Deadline: 25.01.2019.

TU Wien: Scholarships for Master's Program in Logic and Computation
Deadline: 30.11.2018.

TU Berlin: IPODI - The International Postdoctoral Intitiative (IPODI) Fellowship
Deadline: 14.12.2018.


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